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Hi, Everyone! Here's our pics page. We owe thanks to Jim Roy for taking most of them.


The Rainbow, March 3, 2002

We were joined by Brian Downey (drums) and Ian Card (keys) on this one. That's Al smiling in the background.

We also test drove a blusier repertoire this time which worked well.

(Photo Jim Roy)


Another Rainbow gig in October 2001. This one was with Robert Belcher on Keys. He has just finished his own CD called "Under my Hat".

We played our usual Jazz/Soul mix and folks seemed to like it, even though it was a little different for the usual Rainbow fare.

(Photos by Jim Roy)

Jamming at the Bayou with Doctor Dave. That's Chris Landry on Guitar. Penny's hitting herself in the head with something green.
The things you do when you have only one picture left in your camrea!

Left to right: Bruce Caulfield, Penny Taylor, Al Cannon.

One of the better pics from the first photo shoot. We figure this will be cover of the "hit record!" (oh, well, we can dream, can't we?)

Photo Credits: Sue Taylor, Jim Roy, and Dan Guberman off the Bogalusa Blues Band Website.

Thanks to Greg Marks for the banner idea.

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