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Some Links to some of our favourites and friends, as well as the links appearing elsewhere on this site.

Jim Roy's Ottawa Blues, Jazz and Swing Guide has linked to us...so it befits the occasion to link to him too...plus it's a great guide to all the Ottawa area musical activities, artists, bands etc. Check it out.

YOW Music - Ottawa and area music business, bands, events, classifieds; Free advertising.

www.themudboys.com - Ottawa's most fun blues band (and website) in my opinion: Be sure to check out their "Warp Page"...Hillarious!

www.bogalusablues.freeservers.com/welcome.html - The Bogalusa Blues Band, named after the town in Mississippi, consists of three young blues fans in Ottawa who secured a "Hired Gun" rhythm section and went to town. Check it out.

http://members.nbci.com/jazzlounge/jfb/ - Jazz for Brains, in Saint John, NB, was Al Cannon and Richard Kidd's "Brainchild". Now on "standby mode", plans are in the works to create the Ottawa chapter of the same name.

www.dogpile.com - This page's author's favourite search engine.

Andrea England - A former bandmate of this author doing well, especially on the net.

Al Cannon - This site's author and Bassist for Penelope, The Bogalusa Blues Band, and occasionally Pat Wilbond and the Diplomats (Dips, for short). Available for web page design, audio tech, studio work, and cold gigs. Also avail with Upright Bass for Jazz & chart reading gigs.

Pat Wilbond - Entertainer and Recording Artist.

STUNTS - One of the old greats, this DOS based race-track game still has an avid following, monthly contests and is this author's favourite.

I wanted to include Maxine Carr's link, but can't find the Appoloosa Label's site anymore...anyone know what happened to it? She has a great CD out called "Get Real" (1994).

Browsers: Guess which one is the author's favourite:

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